Crazy Glue

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a commercial brand of epoxy glue

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Hoboken Crazy Glue, Pete Tong Pure Pacha, Moby Play B Sides, Creamfields Mixed By Paul Oakenfold, Various Definitive Electro Hip Hop Collection
He's the crazy glue that holds the action together, the creator of it, its procurer and manipulator.
Marty Brodeur and his goalie stick will have an endorsement contract with Crazy Glue by the time he leaves Southern California.
Why can't I use crazy glue to replace the filling that fell out?
I saw the crazy glue scene script and thought, 'Yes, this is going to be my shining moment'.
Also its US Patent 5,846,270 covers a simple method of creating magnetic abrasive powders using industrial crazy glue (cyanacrylate glue) to bind magnetic materials (iron) to abrasives grits that can range from diamond to soft silica minerals.
All Pulp Fiction's other females orbit the "active" males they're paired with as if attached by Crazy Glue, in one case requesting "oral pleasure" with the languid coquettishness of a teenage catamite.