Crazy Glue

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a commercial brand of epoxy glue

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Once the eggs are laid, they are adhered to hair shafts close to the scalp using a protein that makes crazy glue look like chewing gum.
Written for medical students and physicians in settings from primary care to the emergency room, this acute care reference covers common and uncommon minor emergencies, from head trauma and diaper rash to coyote bite, Crazy Glue on the eyelid, and, worst of all, zipper entrapment.
Real friends might discover the deteriorating circumstances of Jason's life, so he relies on a series of imaginary audience members for support: Crazy Glue, Sexy Lady, Aunt Bee (from the Andy Griffith Show), and Fat Bald Guy with a Mustache, all of whom offer a running commentary on Jason's actions.
You know you're a real nurse if: You ever secretly wanted to mix crazy glue into the lube while inserting a foley on a patient that has pulled three catheters out on your shift, while restrained.
In this case, apply a small drop of crazy glue, then stick on a plastic tag.
Alison McKechie was one of the volunteers who spent long days tagging the mussels for follow-up survival studies, a process that involved dabbing each with Crazy Glue and affixing a tiny plastic ID.
Hoboken Crazy Glue, Pete Tong Pure Pacha, Moby Play B Sides, Creamfields Mixed By Paul Oakenfold, Various Definitive Electro Hip Hop Collection
He's the crazy glue that holds the action together, the creator of it, its procurer and manipulator.