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Initial Cray X1E supercomputer customers will use the systems to handle the most challenging high-performance computing (HPC) problems and workloads at government and research sites in the U.
CONTACT: (Media) Mardi Larson, 612-683-3538; or (financial) Bill Gacki, 612-683-7372, both of Cray Research/
An AHPCRC unstructured mesh computational fluid dynamics (CFD) application ran at a sustained speed exceeding one teraflop (one trillion calculations per second) on a Cray X1 supercomputer with 256 multistreaming processors (MSPs).
CONTACT: Terry Willkom, president, or William Skolout, CFO, of Cray Computer, 719-579-6464; or David Gould of Hill and Knowlton, 408-496-6511/
The CRAY J916 supercomputers are developed for compute-intensive design, engineering and technical analysis problems," Carlson said.
Today, Cray offers the Cray XT3 and Cray XD1 supercomputers, based on the AMD Opteron processor, along with the Cray X1E(TM) supercomputer, based on Cray custom-built vector processors.
This unique feature allows all files stored in the cluster to be accessible to all Cray Research systems, reducing the need to move the data between systems on the network.
NetworkCS, as system integrator and computing facilities manager, will operate the AHPCRC's expanded Cray T3E supercomputer.
Raytheon Aircraft engineers will use the CRAY J916 system as they do their current Cray system to run in-depth aerodynamic analyses of new and existing aircraft designs.
CONTACT: Charles Breckenridge, executive VP of Marketing, or William Skolout, CFO, or Terry Willkom, president, all of Cray Computer, 719-579-6464/
It was an NEC SX-5 system, which Cray will begin selling exclusively in North America and non-exclusively in most of the rest of the world, along with our own Cray SV1ex product and future Cray SV2 system.
Since its founding in 1972, Cray had dominated the supercomputer industry and was the U.
The Cray presentation will be available to the public via live audio webcast.
Cray has announced that overall customer-reported scores for the Cray X1 supercomputer system were the best for any high-performance computing (HPC) system on the new HPC Challenge benchmark tests co-sponsored by the DARPA HPCS (High Productivity Computing Systems) program, the U.