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Synonyms for crawler

a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

a person who crawls or creeps along the ground

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Insp Gareth Mason said: "Hopefully these cameras will act as a deterrent for kerb crawlers.
The crawler dozers constantly monitor transmission temperature to avoid damage to the hydrostat system.
Liebherr simulators offer sophisticated solutions allowing operators of crawler cranes and deep foundation machinery to train their skills in a virtual but realistic environment.
The crawler itself requires only three special features:
The magnetic crawler is the perfect tool to prepare the surface before applying a new protective coating.
The web crawler ethics are measured to discover the ethicality of commercial search engine crawlers [9].
Liebherr has set a new world record by putting together a crawler crane with a boom height of 248m, and with a 3,000-tonne rated capacity, the LR 13000 is also the world's strongest conventional crawler crane.
Formed seven years ago, Carpet Crawlers are known for being much more than just a tribute band and their January 28 show, which takes place in the O2 Academy on Hotham Street, will also feature an impressive light and sound show courtesy of the Crawlers' rig.
Vice specialists in England have a new method to deter kerb crawlers - and say it will be more effective than the new Scots laws making it illegal to buy sex on the streets.
KERB crawlers could be named and 0shamed in a bid to curb growing levels of prostitution in Dundee.
A CRACKDOWN has been launched by police on sex workers and kerb crawlers in the Kensington area of Liver pool.
WOLVERHAMPTON today declared the city a no-go area for kerb crawlers in a new poster campaign designed to kill off its street sex trade.
In iVia these crawlers and classifiers are shared, as is the backend.
The schedule was such a challenge because we wanted to get the shoes done to fit our return-to-flight schedule, which required at least one of the crawlers to be available in January (to begin preparation for a May launch date).