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a swimming stroke

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Roy Saari, the first man to swim the 1500 meters under 17 minutes, introduced a new theory for the crawl stroke by using a trdujen (scissors) kick with a two-beat flutter kick.
A good example of the Whole Method is exemplified in the teaching of alternate breathing in the crawl stroke.
These pictures show the correct position of the crawl stroke.
This willful paw-back is a lot like the arm movements in swimming the crawl stroke.
2005) Intracyclic velocity variations and arm coordination during exhaustive exercise in front crawl stroke.
Our sequence of drills in the front crawl stroke is geared towards developing the students' confidence in moving forward from one step to the next in the order of difficulty.
Although she still makes the swim instructor hold her hand when she jumps into the deep end, she has begun to grasp the basics of a front crawl stroke.
1986) developed the MAD-system (measurement of active drag), relying on the direct measurement of the push-off forces while swimming the front crawl stroke only with arms.
The three basic areas of the crawl stroke that I emphasize in helping the triathletes swim faster while conserving energy are the kick, rhythmic breathing, and the arm stroke.
That is why it is called an "alternating stroke," and is similar to the crawl stroke.
Jane Katz, World Masters Swimming Champion and swimming coach of this year's Tulip Time Scholarship Games, has some great tips to help you improve your crawl stroke and glide through the water faster
1975) The influence of the leg kick and the arm stroke on the total speed during the crawl stroke.
The lack of information regarding the arm kinematic asymmetries in front crawl female swimmers stimulated the present study, which aimed to investigate the effects of breathing action on the underwater front crawl stroke kinematics in female swimmers.
In the video, one joking soldier even tries a few crawl strokes to try to get out.
Riordan managed a few crawl strokes, but mostly enjoyed jostling with boys and girls making the most of colorful inner tube floats usually reserved for special activities.