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Going back to their rhythm 'n' blues roots as if they were at the Crawdaddy Club or Eel Pie Island in the early sixties, they revived "Mannish Boy," a song most commonly associated with the father of Chicago blues, Muddy Waters, the Willie Dixon composition "Little Red Rooster," made famous by Howlin' Wolf and a chart-topper for the Stones in 1964, and two more Chess label favorites--Bo Diddley's "Crackin' Up" and Chuck Berry's "Around And Around.
12 Which other group destined for stardom followed the Rolling Stones as house band of London's Crawdaddy Club in the early 1960s?
Rolling Stones at The Crawdaddy Club, Richmond, April 28, 1963.
Playing a revved-up version of classic blues and r&b similar to the Rolling Stones (whose residency at London's famed Crawdaddy club they took over), the group was soon a favorite on the English r&b circuit.
The Beatles arrived early in their careers, in 1963 when the Fab Four went to watch the Stones play at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond.