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laciniata Carneros yucca Yucca carnerosana grouped w/Faxon yucca Hawthorns (many) Crataegus species nationwide, mostly in the East
In addition, we used the system of nomenclature from Magee and Ahles (1999) for Crataegus species.
The leaves, flowers, and berries of the Crataegus species were used by native Americans for kidney, bladder, and heart ailments, while practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine considered hawthorn to be a remedy for stomach ailments, scurvy, and abdominal or chest pain.
The main aim of this paper is to present a detailed study on microsporogenesis and Pollen morphology of Crataegus babakhanloui and than to use the result of pollen feature for evaluating of taxonomic relationships among Crataegus species.
No pharmacokinetic studies were made in the present investigation, and no references of this type of studies with Crataegus species have been conducted in humans.