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Crassulaceae, mainly known under its synonym Rhodiola rosea L.
In Crassulaceae the long-tubed flowers of Tylecodon grandiflorus are curved (van Jaarsveld, 2003).
O'Donell Crassulaceae Crassula connata (Ruiz & Pav.
Helecho R Crassulaceae Sedum dendroideum Hierba R/M/C Ericaceae Vaccinum sp.
Entre estos 28 taxa destacan los pertenecientes a las familias Cactaceae (seis especies), Crassulaceae (seis especies) y Compositae (tres especies y dos variedades).
Entries are in sections on succulent plant species from eight families: mesembryanthemaceae, portulacaceae, crassulaceae, geraniaceae, euphorbiaceae, passifloraceae, apocynaceae, and asphodelaceae.
5%) se ubican las familias Ericaceae, Onagraceae y Scrophulariaceae, seguidas por las familias Crassulaceae, Rubiaceae y Solanacea, con un 3.
Genus Family Order 1 Paulownia Bignoniaceae, Paulowniaceae Lamiales 2 Hymenosporum Pittosporaceae Apiales 3 Cotyledon Crassulaceae Saxifragales 4 Hebe Scrophulariaceae, Plantaginaceae Lamiales 5 Prunus Rosaceae, Amygdalaceae Rosales 6 Hypericum Clusiaceae, Hypericaceae Malpighiales 7 Kunzea Myrtaceae Myrtales 8 Primula Primulaceae Ericales 9 Citrus Rutaceae Sapindales 10 Eremophila Myoporaceae, Scrophulariaceae Lamiales 11 Nicotiana Solanaceae Solanales 12 Gossypium Malvaceae Malvales Genus Floral Formula 1 Paulownia [up arrow] K(5) [?
This family is known as Crassulaceae, derived from the Latin crassus, meaning "thick" and referring to the thick, rubbery leaves of all family members.
Originally discovered in the Crassulaceae and subsequently named Crassulaceae acid metabolism (CAM), this system is known to occur in many succulents and plants that grow in xeric (desert) environments.
Stetsonia coryne * (Salm-Dick) Britton & Rose, Crassulaceae * Aphis fabae Pittosporum sp.
Algunas familias comunes encontradas para Chameza y Malsitio son Sapindaceae, Cactaceae, Asteraceae, Rosaceae, Theaceae, Equisetaceae, Ericaceae; para Chameza-Belencito se presentan familias como Sapindaceae, Fabaceae, Solanaceae, Ericaceae, entre otras; y para Malsitio-Belencito se presentan Mimosaceae, Theaceae, Rosaceae, Cactaceae, y Crassulaceae.