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We also rode on Iron Bert at the Diesels Locomotion Mayhem, but Charlie drew the line at Cranky the Crane Drop Tower.
In addition, the area includes a Percy roller coaster and Cranky the Crane interactive water play area.
So, too, are Diesel, Cranky the crane, Harold the helicopter, Terence the tractor and the Fat Controller.
Thomas Land features 12 rides, based on characters including Harold the Helicopter and Cranky the Crane.
The railroad has an assortment of new buildings and sets, headed by Down by the Docks ($149), which features a lighthouse, dock, the Sodor Bay Bridge, Bulstrode the Barge, Cranky the Crane, and 40 pieces of track and other accessories, all of which can be laid out on a folding waterfront playmat.
An olive green Sodor cargo box accessory included in the Deluxe Cranky the Crane Set.
Although we were deluged with icy rain every half an hour, the weather was incredibly dynamic and a rainbow almost cheered up Cranky the crane.
This is Europe's first and only Thomas Land and boasts 12 themed rides based on the lovable and well-known characters, including Harold the Helicopter, Cranky the Crane and The Troublesome Trucks.
Other attractions include Percy, a pint-sized roller coaster and Cranky the Crane water jet fountain play area.