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a rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank

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Continually expanding for over 10 years, we are now engaged in connecting rods, crankshafts, turbochargers, coilovers, intake & exhaust manifolds, camber plates, ignition coils, etc.
Kalyani said : "We are the first Indian supplier of locomotive crankshafts to the Indian Railways.
The unremitting working conditions and intensive wear of marine diesel engine crankshaft main and crankpin journal surfaces, along with potential lubrication failures, cause various types of damage to the journal surfaces.
Abstract: The crankshaft of internal-combustion engines endures the highest and the most complex stresses.
The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) report revealed that at 57mph the 10 litre engine fell when its crankshaft broke.
The contracts will be over a five to ten year period and delivered by Darcast Crankshafts at Smethwick which is the largest cast crankshaft manufacturer in the UK.
But as crankshafts have become more compact, Ingersoll wanted its next generation of crankshaft rolling machines to be more compact.
The largest Japanese automaker said it has found defects in their sensors for detecting the angle of rotating crankshafts.
and Sumitomo Corporation for the manufacture and sale of forged crankshafts in the United States, has decided to install the third forging press line to meet robust local demand.
Heller's new generation of RFK heavy-duty crankshaft milling machines is designed to improve the efficiency of batch machining main and pin journals of heavy-duty forged steel or cast iron crankshafts to 1250mm.
Integral engine/compressor crankshafts continue to fail (after a median 150,000 operational hours for the population of those that fail).
The machine's large measuring envelope (800 mm x 500 mm x 200 mm) and long-stroke probe arm are designed to accommodate sizeable, heavy workpieces such as crankshafts and camshafts, as well as other powertrain, engine and similar components.
The devices Leonardo depicted seem a bit odd - common crankshafts and spring motors and uncommon things like a flying machine, a submarine, a helicopter and a robot.
At present, part of the plant's production capacity is used to manufacture crankshafts for the Volvo Group's automotive medium-duty engine platform.