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The innervation of the muscles that derived from the mandibular arch and the location of the motoneurons (located in the mandibular nerve) reflect their segmental origins and are reliable criteria for homologizing mandibular muscles among the craniates (Song & Boord).
To detect the presence of proteins antigenically similar to mammalian apical NHE isoforms in ancestral craniates, membrane proteins from Hagfish (Myxine glutinosa) and Skate (Raja erinacea) gills were immunoblotted with polyclonal antibodies made against NHE-2 (aa 260-280) and NHE-3 (aa 528-648).
It has been considered to correspond, at least in part, to the protocoel of hemichordates (MacBride, 1909), the original foregut of chordates (van Wijhe, 1913), the pre-premandibular head cavities of craniates (Neal, 1915), or the premandibular head cavities plus part of the adeno-hypophysis of craniates (Goodrich, 1917).
Proboscis pores' in craniate vertebrates, a suggestion concerning the premandibular somites and hypophysis.
On Wednesday he scooped the record score for the series with 124 points from the nine-letter word craniates.