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therapy based on the assumption that restoring health is best accomplished by manipulating the skeleton and muscles

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Benefits of Cranial Osteopathy for the Lyme Patient
The School of Cranial Osteopathy sprang from this work.
For example, Positron Emission Tomographic scanning (PET), Functional Magnetic Resonance scanning (fMRI), and Electroencephalography (EEG) have shown objective blood flow, biochemical, and electrophysiological changes in response to acupuncture, meditation, massage, and cranial osteopathy.
Treatment methodology incorporates a variety of CAM methodologies, such as the Bates method for visual reeducation, cranial osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nutrition, homeopathy, phytotherapy, psychotherapy, color therapy, iridology, kinesiology, psychosomatic correlation, bioenergetics, and creative visualization.
But I have yet to see clinical evidence supporting cranial osteopathy.
He became well known for continuing the educational legacy of Wiebrecht-Crozat Orthopedics and integrated cranial osteopathy into the therapy.
But he has responded to cranial osteopathy - manipulation of the skull - which is recommended by experts at a local natural health centre.
Following the advice of others who've tried it with excellent results, I took her for a cranial osteopathy appointment.
Owners Peter and Laura Carstensen say the new centre on Mold Business Park, Mold will offer a wide range of treatments including osteopathy and cranial osteopathy, medical herbalism, shiatsu, chiropody, acupuncture, Reiki, massage therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology and hypnotherapy.