crane fly

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long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite

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The Phases of the Spinning Cranefly Moon and the Lenten Rose Moon
Watch the adult Cranefly (Daddy-long-legs) on your lawn in September and it will be pushing its abdomen into the body of your lawn to lay its eggs.
The adult cranefly lays its eggs in autumn, and the larvae can devour a lawn over the winter months, leaving a patchy and unsightly mess by summer.
Cast of characters for Stream Diversity Simulation Pollution Sensitive Species Caddisfly Gilled Snail Mayfly Riffle Beetle Stonefly Water Penny Pollution Less-Sensitive Species Crayfish Cranefly Dobsonfly Dragonfly Sowbug Pollution Tolerant Species Blackfly Leech Lunged Snail Midge Worm Table 4.
Previous research has shown how changes in the timing of the golden plover breeding season as a result of increasing spring temperatures might affect their ability to match the spring emergence of their cranefly (daddy long legs) prey.
Scientists say it could lead to the extinction of some birds which feed on cranefly, such as golden plovers, by the end of the century.
Increased rain hit bee swarms while in September the autumn cranefly almost vanished - affecting bats and birds that eat them.
With the guide's release, out-of-towners will learn what local birders already know: that the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is the closest place you can get by land to a colony of 65,000 common murres; that Sally's Bend in Newport is a great place to see northern shrike, American pipit and all six species of grebes; and that Sweet Creek Falls near Mapleton offers glimpses through old growth trees of the American dipper, a grey-colored songbird that walks under swift-running streams, eating cranefly larvae.
These can be up to an inch in length and they munch their way through an unbelievable number of grass roots before pupating and emerging as either a Chafer or a Cranefly.
These leatherjackets - cranefly larvae - are widely regarded as pests, so starlings provide a good service for farmers and gardeners.
And some creatures including the daddy-long-legs or cranefly and the cuckoo are continuing to struggle, the National Trust warned.
DAMAGE - molehills can ruin the surface of a lawn PESTS - cranefly larvae can devour a lawn over the winter months
He was a great letter writer (although the cranefly loops of his handwriting are not easy to decipher) and sometimes his personality lives on in a note that accompanied a work to its purchaser.