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Cranberries have nothing to do with the sea, but Ocean Spray's founder believed the name would evoke the mists and freshness of his cranberry bog.
Cranberries contain a mixture of anthocyanins, flavonols and proanthocyanidins, which have antiinflammatory properties that may lessen and help prevent symptoms of a UTI.
One can reasonably question the quality of the evidence that supports the efficacy of cranberries, but to assert that cranberries have been proven to be ineffective is ridiculous.
Bonus: Here are some quick fun facts about cranberries, as per (http://www.
Summary: Cranberries are among the top foods with proven health benefits, and the majority of health professionals believe there is a clear link between a diet high in fruit and vegetables and low risk of chronic disease.
Cranberries can make a significant antimicrobial impact on foodborne pathogens in vitro.
Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) will be highlighting the wide ranging applications of the cranberry; with more than 1700 new cranberry product launches in 2010, cranberry ingredients are growing in popularity across many sectors and Ocean Spray's (stand 2041) sweetened dried cranberries (SDCs) and BerryFusions Fruits will be on show to inspire further product innovation.
Past research at the University of Maine indicated that cranberries can have a significant antimicrobial impact on foodborne pathogens in vitro.
This is the time of year to grab some fresh cranberries before they disappear until next fall.
Besides promoting urinary tract health, cranberries may also support heart, oral and stomach health, emerging research suggests.
Today, farmers grow cranberries in many northern states including Massachusetts and Oregon, as well as in Canada and in northern Europe.
In the 1890s, a few farmers took advantage of the local environment by introducing cranberries to the area.
British cheesemaker The Wensleydale Creamery has added 30 percent more Ocean Spray sweetened dried cranberries (SDCs) to its best-selling Real Yorkshire Wensleydale with Cranberries cheese.
Boiled cranberries and seal oil to reduce the severity of gall bladder attacks was adopted by folk medicine practitioners of New England (NIH 2005, ADAM Inc 2004, Siciliano 1996).