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annual or perennial herbs with large leaves that resemble the leaves of cabbages

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O crambe e uma planta de inverno, originaria do Mediterraneo e tem sido cultivada na Africa, Asia, Europa, Estados Unidos, Mexico e America do Sul, como cultura para cobertura do solo.
Crambe is a drought-tolerant oilseed crop with demonstrated viability throughout western North Dakota and the surrounding region.
The company's focus is on dedicated plantations of industrial oil seeds, mainly jatropha, sunflower, crambe and castor.
Effect of nitrogen fertilization and plant density on yield and quality parameters of Crambe (Crambe abyssinica L.
Although COI variability was found to be low for Crambe crambe in the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, it has provided evidence for intraspecific population structure over distances ranging from 20 to 3000 km (Duran et al.
Seasonal patterns of toxicity in benthic invertebrates: the encrusting sponge Crambe crambe (Poecilosclerida).
While meadowfoam oil factice prepared with 10 parts of sulfur pho produced the non-sticky coarse powder factice, rapeseed and crambe seed oils gave the coarse powder only after more than 20 pho of sulfur was used.
The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota announces a $1 million project to evaluate renewable oil refining technologies for commercial production of diesel, jet, and other fuels and chemicals from North Dakota oilseed crops, such as crambe, at Tesoro's Mandan, North Dakota, oil refinery.
The morphological characters of the pollen and seeds from the studied species of Crambe were given.
Plants with long tap roots that anchor themselves deep into shingle do well such as the gigantic Crambe cordifolia 1.
Crambe (Crambe abyssinica Hochst) is a native rapeseed of the Mediterranean that is cultivated in some tropical and subtropical regions (CARNEIRO et al.
Covered commodities include barley, canola, large and small chickpeas, corn, crambe, flaxseed, grain sorghum, lentils, mustard seed, oats, peanuts, dry peas, rapeseed, long grain rice, medium grain rice (which includes short grain rice), safflower seed, sesame, soybeans, sunflower seed and wheat.
When the weather was slightly warmer, I dug up roots from oriental poppies, acanthus and crambe, and made them into little bundles immersed in damp sand to keep them turgid and the right way up.
50 Lipovol Crambe (Lipo Chemicals) (Crambe abyssinca seed oil) 1.