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any of several short-billed Old World rails

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The two nests of the Chestnut-headed Crake were similar in building materials and architecture to nests of wood rails (Aramides spp.
2004b) that both Salvinia cucullata and Ludwigia adscendens (plants used extensively by foraging crakes, and, largely, forming the floating mat substrate) "disappeared from the Vientiane wetlands since the snail was introduced".
A guide to the rails, crakes, gallinules and coots of the world.
The White-browed Crake (Porzana cinerea) inhabits well-vegetated lowland nonflowing wetlands from Southeast Asia east through New Guinea and Australia to Polynesia (Taylor 1996, 1998).
The White-browed Crake has not been found in six other wetlands with dense semi-natural aquatic macrophytes around Vientiane city, which we visited during the same months as Nong Pen.
The White-browed Crake may be one of the many species overlooked in Laos up to 1950, but our records are part of a pattern of massive expansion since 1980 of its known Southeast Asia range (Fig.
observed White-browed Crake in February 1983 at Bung Buraphet, Thailand, ~400-500 km north of where the species had been recorded previously in Thailand and only a few months after the first reports from Bung Buraphet.
A single White-browed Crake occurred during 20-28 April 1991 in Hong Kong at Mai Po (Kennerley 1992, Carey et al.
The White-browed Crake is widespread in the Philippines (Dickinson et al.
Wells (1999) considered the White-browed Crake on the Thai-Malay peninsula "mostly dependant" on transient, man-made habitats.
That the White-browed Crake might greatly have expanded its geographic range is not a positive indication of overall marsh bird status in Indochina.