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The craft brewers can't afford to rest on their laurels.
We hear regularly from independent craft brewers that their fans want to know who makes their beer.
The Brewers Association defines craft brewers as "small, traditional and independent," and that to be a craft brewer requires producing fewer than 6 million bbl and 25% or less ownership by a "non-craft brewer.
Distributor interests, which pushed for the law's passage, say this provision is needed to stop big beer companies that gobble up independent craft brewers from avoiding paying distributors.
based Flying Dog Brewery in the Brewers Association's list of the largest craft brewers in the nation.
In developed markets, by contrast, the big companies are seeing sales decline and trying to fight off an onslaught of craft brewers.
The Craft Beer Zones will enhance the consumer experience while increasing exposure and enabling growth for craft brewers.
The Craft Brewers Conference is an annual conference organized by the American Brewers Association.
However, Mintel noted that the leading brands have lost market share, signaling that up-and-coming craft brewers are attracting more consumers with their wide variety of choices.
But it was also about that time that a few small craft brewers opened, and a 1979 law deregulated the home-brewing of beer.
Small, local craft brewers now have even less clout with wholesalers, and the big global brewers have more influence.
A year ago at this time, craft brewers were looking at their production figures and breathing sighs of relief that the down economy wasn't hurting them the way it was hurting others.
beer landscape includes 1,449 breweries, with 1,420 of them qualifying as craft brewers.
The Brewers Association, the trade association that tabulates industry data for craft brewers, reports craft beer sales and growth continue to break records.
For the first time ever craft beer has exceeded more than a 5 percent dollar share of total beer sales, according to craft brewers trade group The Brewers Association, which tabulates industry data.