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an industrial city in southern Poland on the Vistula

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Life is hard, for Roman Cracow too, and we all seek relief from the pain of being human, distractions from a low-grade fever of despair.
Petherick by Tadeusz Estreicher from Cracow, 3 September 1902 National Library of Australia MS 760/12/199
The Company operates four wholly-owned Australian operations - Cracow, Edna May, Mt Rawdon and Pajingo - and is in construction at the Mt Carlton gold-silver-copper project.
The reception in Cracow was cooler than in Warsaw, perhaps because political control was tighter.
SIR - The letter by David Young from Cracow, Poland (September 1) about Jamie Bevan and the law failed to identify which law he was referring to.
Release date- 19072011 - On 15 June 2011, Catalpa Resources Limited (ASX: CAH) and Conquest Mining Limited (ASX: CQT) announced an all scrip merger of equals and concurrent acquisition of Newcrest's Cracow and Mt Rawdon gold mines to create a leading growth-focused Australian gold company.
He has been a company geologist with BHP Gold Mines Ltd, Perseverance Corporation Ltd and Cracow Mining Venture and a consulting geologist for various exploration companies until his full time role with Metallica in 1997.
Now, Patryk Cieslak, a PhD student at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland, and colleagues have built a robot that could be used to squeeze into tight spaces during search and rescue missions, or possibly even as a form of transport, reports New Scientist.
He was born in Aleppo and studied the violin at music academies in Aleppo, Moscow, Berlin and Cracow (Poland).
The second one covering about 10 by 10 km of the North-West of Cracow was acquired on July 3rd, 2006.
In November 2007, the countries bordering the sea adopted in Cracow, Poland, the Baltic Sea Action Plan, which identifies the actions needed to restore the status of the Baltic Sea.
Zielinski is affiliated with Cracow University of Technology, Poland.
and Cracow airports, but could cover all the costs of creating new capacity elsewhere.
In fact the Cracow threesome has no need of a violinist, producing swinging, melodic jazz in the authentic Reinhardt tradition from the guitars of Jacek Serczyk and Tomasz Kobiela and the double bass of Michal Rapka.
AIM OF THE STUDY: The objective was the analysis of prognostic factors and treatment outcomes of 104 patients with vulvar cancer, treated between 1990 and 2003 in the Center of Oncology, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute, Cracow, Poland.