mass spectrum

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a distribution of ions as shown by a mass spectrograph or a mass spectrometer

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Cracking patterns of precut strip specimens after testing were examined under camera.
The cracking pattern (90 [degrees] intersection), as shown in the SEM micrographs [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7 OMITTED] is typical of high rate strain energy release.
This cracking pattern is typical for hoses and is due to the stress distribution in the hose which causes the cracks to grow in both length and depth.
Though other technologies may have similar or higher pore volumes, Engelhard's DMS structure imparts a unique morphology and inherent zeolite-based cracking pattern.
Electromagnetic resonance testing machine for dynamic axial loading force of at least A 125 kn, long-term static load of at least 150 kn, with a maximum combination of static and dynamic loading of A 250 kn (A 10%) and maximum stroke amplitude of at least 2 mm, equipped with mechanical jaws for clamping flat samples to a thickness of 20 mm and samples of circular cross section with a screw head to a maximum diameter of 32 mm and ct (1 ~, 2~, 3 ~) of the samples, with the furnace for high cycle fatigue endurance testing samples of circular cross section with a diameter up to 24 mm stroke -pressure and at temperatures of at least 300-900 A c extensometer to room temperature and the sensor for evaluating the cracking patterns of fracture mechanics.
These investigators are experts in cracking patterns of fraudulent claims, and look for evidence of falsification of any kind.