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Synonyms for crackerjack

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field

Synonyms for crackerjack

someone excellent of their kind

something excellent of its kind

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Crackerjacks Children's Trust was established to help relieve the stress and strains in life that coping with a severe disability may present.
Managing Director, Tony Wai, explains that the economic downturn has actually fuelled Crackerjacks contractor registrations.
They have real crackerjacks in Warne and McGrath and we don't, so it will have to be a group effort to get the Ashes back.
During his visit to the Astrodome, Manny and his son will watch the baseball game from VIP seats on the Diamond Level, where they will enjoy all of the popcorn, peanuts and crackerjacks they care to eat.
As part of a larger team called The Crackerjacks they pledged to cover a distance of 2,012km by the end of July by cycling, running, walking and rowing.
When you consider that motorists currently have to drive around Newcastle like the figure in an old Pacman game, because of the car-hating crackerjacks who run the traffic management directorate, it's a miracle he got out of the car park, never mind all the way to the Laing.