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Synonyms for Christmas

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Mr Craciun had been watching football with a friend and had simply nipped to the corner shop to buy alcohol when he encountered the pair "lurking" in the street.
Craciun explains, "Since buying my first BMX bike at the age of 14, I've become more and more obsessed with the idea of going everywhere freely.
That may give you a sense of how the undecided voters will lean on Election Day," pollster Jean Craciun said.
Most folding bikes weigh at least 12kg, which is a lot to carry up and down stairs or on and off trains," said Craciun.
Craciun M, 2009, Athletes' Attitudes towards sport psychology: A Qualitative Investigation.
The possibilities for its use are endless, including textile GPS systems, to biomedical monitoring, personal security or even communication tools for those who are sensory impaired," Craciun said.
Luisa Cale and Adriana Craciun identify an eighteenth-century undercurrent of "disorder," their word for an a-disciplinary fecundity in which different types of knowledge cross-pollinated.
Moreover, the direct election of County Councils presidents by uninominal secret ballot as regulated through law strengthens the legitimacy of the county level within the circumstances of not having fully legislated on the statute and competences of the regional level (Craciun in Craciun and Collins, 2008: 50).
Indeed, Leiserowitz, and Craciun (2006) found that 71% of Alaskans believed that global warming represented a serious threat while a nation-wide survey found that only 41% of Americans perceived it to be a very serious problem (Pew Research Center, 2009).
local currency) has been cut in half after the recording of the first semester results," said Petre Craciun, general director of Cegedim Romania.
Gavra and Craciun, 2010) and on certain types of cultural landscapes (e.
Leonard Craciun, 18, of Clay Lane, Stoke, was convicted in his absence of driving with the wrong licence and no insurance.
16 See Adriana Craciun, Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, (Ch-2, Routledge, London, 2002).
4, shows the low concentration on the market of textiles, indicating the absence of the monopoly power (Dudian and Craciun, 2011).
The Exeter group, led by engineer Dr Monica Craciun, is now working on a spray-on version of the transparent material, which they have dubbed 'GraphExeter', that could be applied to 'smart' T-shirts, or windows to turn them into solar panels that are 30 per cent more efficient than those in use today.