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Synonyms for Christmas

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Craciun AM, Wolf J, Knapen MH, Brouns F, Vermeer C.
For example, Lefter is director of Observator cultural, an important weekly, and author and editor of several books published by Editura Paralela 45; Craciun is associate editor of Observator cultural and one of the major editors at Editura Paralela; and these two men and Monica Spiridon have edited that publishing house's Experiment in Post-War Romanian Literature.
Adriana Craciun suggests that Landon creates "femme fatale poet figures who defy
Angela Craciun, president of the Mineralogical Organization.
Stephen Wells Memorial Trophy Round One: Layfield Arms 12 (Ashley Watson, Benjamin Kerry 2, Bradley Murray 6, Richard Robinson, Samuel Wilson, Stephen Brookbanks) Nifco UK 0; The Oxbridge 3 JFC United 6 (Famara Jatta, Florin Craciun, Jonathan Francis Barber, Vasile Bucuresteanu 2, Yusupha Jatta); Thornaby Roundel 2 (Christopher Moore, Tommy Delmer) Jolly Farmers 3 (Daniel Rutherford, Jake Walker, John Andrew Brown).
Daniel Riess claims that Landon treats "the Romantic vision of a poetry which transcends commercial exploitation [as] an illusion"; McGann and Ildess, that her "self-consciously quotational writing works to demystify the ancient authority of poetry"; Mellor, that she "[i]mplicitly embrace[s] David Hume's sceptical argument that the mind can only know the empirical sensations transmitted through the body"; and Adriana Craciun, that she exposes the "material properties of imagination, corporeal properties that Wordsworth tried to put to sleep.
Radu Florin Ogarca, Liviu Craciun, Silvia-Mihaela Pavel, Corporate Spiritual Crisis in the Context of Global Crisis, in Proceedings of the WSEWAS/IAASAT 1st International Conference on Tourism and Economc Development (TED'11), Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania, ISBN: 978-1-61804-043-5, WSEAS Press, October 27-29, 2011, pages 391-396.
Alexandru-Stelia Craciun, 24, of Queen Marys Road, Foleshill, Coventry, theft of goods worth pounds 27.
We start from a system of five differential equations that governs the vibratory torsion movements of the mechanical system represented in the figure 2 (Ripianu & Craciun, 1985):
North Riding Sunday Challenge Cup: Cleveland Hotel 2 JFC United 6 (Dimitri Aime Kehi 3, Famara Jatta, Florin Craciun, Mohammed Sallieu Bah); Eaglescliffe 1 (Stuart Woodall) Thornaby Sports and Leisure 9 (Ben Simons, Dale McElvaney, Jack Walton 2, Matthew May, Michael Tye 2, Scott Turnbull 2); Lakes United 2 Thornaby Roundel 4 (Jordan Boyes, Tommy Delmer 3); Riverside 1 Thornaby Village 2; St Mary's College 4 (Chris Lynch, Chris Taylor 2, Joshua O'Donoghue) Layfield Arms 5 (Benjamin Kerry 2, Bradley Murray, Jamie Taylor, Shaun Lightfoot).
De asemenea, se acorda o prima de Craciun si o prima de vacanta, in luna iulie, egale cu cuantumul pensiei din luna respectiva.
Romania Pachiu & Associates: Cristina Bujoreanu & Voichita Craciun
Division Two: Billingham 6 (Conor Lockington 2, Matthew Willshaw 2, Sean Cuerdon, Spencer Nicholson) Thornaby Aerodrome Club 0; Billingham The White House 3 (Anthony Abel, James Mcleod 2) Jolly Farmers 2; Blytheholme 4 (Curtis Howden 2, Daniel Mclay 2) J Utd 5 (Dimitri Aime Kehi, Famara Jatta 2, Florin Craciun 2); Coulby Newham 3 (Aaron Eyre, Colin Geddes 2) Nifco UK 1; Norton Unicorn 2 (Paul Chamberlain 2) PH Elmtree 0; The Alls Bishopsgarth 2 (Jay Alderton 2) The Oxbridge 4; Thornaby Sports and Leisure 3 (Jack Walton, Michael Tye 2) Thornaby Roundel 2 (Tommy Delmer 2).
So horrible, indeed, is "the horrible Victoria" that in the introduction to her recent Broadview edition of Dacre's novel Adriana Craciun remarks that "No heroine of Radcliffe or Austen could exult, as Victoria does in Zofloya, that 'there is certainly a pleasure .