crabeater seal

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silvery grey Antarctic seal subsisting on crustaceans

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In pinnipeds, the disease has been described in crabeater seals (Phoca carcinophagus) from the Antarctic (1), Baikal seals (P.
They are solitary predators and eat everything from penguins and krill to other seals, particularly crabeater seals.
Antarctic penguins and crabeater seals are already declining.
Other dramatic signs of climate change include retreating glaciers, more snowfall (warming in Antarctica means more precipitation in the form of snow), and the displacement of ice-dependent species like adelie penguins, crabeater seals and leopard seals with more adaptable, northerly, open water species like chinstrap penguins, elephant seals and fur seals.
Populations of crabeater seals, which also require pack ice, are falling, while southern fur, southern elephant, and other open-water seals are extending their ranges further south.