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Synonyms for coyote

small wolf native to western North America

someone who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States (usually across the Mexican border)

a forest fire fighter who is sent to battle remote and severe forest fires (often for days at a time)

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In a news conference, authorities said the incident with the boy and the coyote took place at 6:40 p.
Coyotes are common across the state of Illinois, and are necessary in order to keep populations of smaller wild animals and vermin in check.
Long popular out west, calling coyotes within shooting range in the eastern United States has paralleled the growth in coyote numbers in places like Georgia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
Wildlife departments and landowners are generally happy to have coyotes hunted, but even against constant pressure, the coyote holds its own.
Genetic testing of Eastern coyotes, or coywolves, found they are about 60 percent coyote, 30 percent Eastern wolf and 10 percent dog, Mr.
While coyotes are now widespread in New York, they only recently became established here.
Michael Chamberlain, a wildlife professor at the University of Georgia, says, "It's important to understand that deer in most areas east of the Mississippi River have had to deal with coyotes only recently.
Dougherty asked the county to implement a bounty on coyotes, or barring that, to at least pay for a hunter or trapper to visit coyote sites and kill the creatures.
Camilla Fox, the project's executive director, and wildlife consultant for the Animal Welfare Institute (AWl), worked with Hirsch to present information to the city about the ineffectiveness of killing coyotes and the cruelty of strangulation neck snares--a tool commonly used to kill coyotes.
In the early 1900s, there were no coyotes in central Ontario, let alone in southern Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area as there are today.
In Tucson, efforts were made to reduce potential conflicts between humans and coyotes through education (E.
There have been uproars about coyotes recently in Toronto, New York City, and Nova Scotia.
To the Editor: In 1959, coyotes (Canis latrans) were found in only 3 Massachusetts towns, but by 2007, their population was estimated at 10,000 and they were present throughout the state, except on the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket (1).
But the very attractions have drawbacks as well, including deadly wildfires and the occasional injurious human-animal incident such as the one that prompted the killing of a handful of coyotes last week.