Coxsackie virus

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enterovirus causing a disease resembling poliomyelitis but without paralysis

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Potash stated, "This cell line, which is extremely sensitive and susceptible to a wide range of human pathogens including, but not restricted to, respiratory agents (Influenza viruses, Parainfluenza viruses, Respiratory Syncytial viruses), Polioviruses, Rotaviruses, Coxsackie viruses, Dengue viruses and Hepatitis A.
The patent covers 14 single-stranded RNA viruses from four families including hepatitis viruses, Norwalk virus, rhinoviruses and coxsackie viruses.
Human enteroviruses (HEVs), including HEV71, echoviruses, and coxsackie viruses A and B (CAV and CBV), are the major pathogens of HFMD (2).
The only chapter that was confusing was that on coxsackie viruses.