Cox's Orange Pippin

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a yellow Pippin with distinctive flavor

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The label indicated that the tree is a Cox's Orange Pippin but there is no information about which rootstock the tree is grafted onto - this is essential so that you know how vigorous the tree is going to be.
It is self-fertile again, which is unusual for apples, but it does mean if you only want one apple tree in your garden the new Cox's Orange Pippin self-fertile is the one for you.
MRS Barnbrook of Stourton has two five-year-old James Grieves and a Cox's Orange Pippin which seem to produce small fruit which after a few weeks disappears.
One might be a Bramley, another a Cox's Orange Pippin and a third a Russet.
Cox's orange pippin, for example, introduced in 1850 did not become widely known until the end of the century.
e) One apple is a cooking variety: Cox's Orange Pippin, Bramley's Seedling, Discovery.
RECIPE Sauted cep mushrooms and Cox's apples on walnut toasts (serves 4) 8 ceps (12 if small) 4 slices of walnut bread, about 2cm (three-quarters in) thick knob of butter, plus extra for spreading (optional) 2 Cox's Orange Pippin apples 1-2 tablespoons walnut or groundnut oil For the dressing 4 tablespoons fromage frais 2 tablespoons vinegar (white wine, red wine or sherry) 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard salt and pepper 1 tablespoon chopped chives Wipe the ceps clean with a damp cloth and trim the bases of the stalks.
The most disappointing failure is Cox's Orange Pippin, very difficult to grow successfully north of a line from Birmingham to Peterborough.
There are available in five popular varieties such as Discovery and Cox's Orange Pippin, marketed under the name 'Coronet'.
While an average (100g) traditional Cox's Orange Pippin or Granny Smith might once have contained 10g of sugar, modern popular breeds such as Braeburns and Royal Gala can contain 15g - the equivalent of three teaspoons.
I do hope someone will send him the Cox's orange pippin apples he so misses.
The Apple Queen Cox self-fertile is a highly reliable version of the Cox's Orange Pippin.
We got onto discussing the ubiquitous golden delicious and I said that it was the equivalent to the Ford Cortina, whereas the Cox's orange pippin was the Roll's Royce of apples.
This modern development from the renowned Cox's Orange Pippin does not need other varieties nearby to ensure pollination, unlike most apple trees.
For successful pollination choose apples from the same group, for example: Beauty of Bath, Ida Red, Lord Lambourne go together, as do Cox's Orange Pippin, Discovery, Fiesta, James Grieve, Jupiter, Jonathan, Sunset, Worcester Pearmain and Ashmead's Kernal, Golden Delicious, Gala, Winston.