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any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells

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Cowrie shells are attached to the ends of strings and tied in clusters around the middle of each string, forming a raised band of shells across the centre of the arrangement.
He showed us a big glass case with Buffalo Bill's white horse with saddle and harness - yes, decorated with cowrie shells.
From the viewing gallery--an easy climb of not more than 15 minutes--the mounds looked like cowrie shells scattered across a moss green carpet.
com 3 In malen b's Classics group, cowrie shells provide the basic shape for one of the new patterns.
Whether American or Somali, Christian or Islamic, male or female, black or white, we are all worth the same sum of camels, the same weight of cowrie shells.
I got much the same reaction as if I had offered to settle the bill in cowrie shells, so I considerately asked if they would like me to hand it over in advance, so that it would clear before I collected the car.
Presenter Martin recommends timing your rock pooling with low tide "because then you can find really exotic things you wouldn't normally see, like cowrie shells, pipe fish and big starfish".
It included a cow-skin stole, decorated by Maasai women with cowrie shells, much loved of the Maasai, though their significance is unclear.
There are glossy photography books, spice chests and chess sets, an old colonial writing desk, a Congolese King's safe bejewelled with cowrie shells (a bell is hidden inside, exposing the thief if moved) and antiques rescued from a now demolished palace in Zanzibar.
And at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, 11 panels hanging in a back room tell the 400-year history of the slave trade, from the cost in cowrie shells for a slave to the horrific Middle Passage that one in four people didn't survive, to the proud militants such as Barbados' Bussa whose rebellions helped end slavery.
Illustrations range from cowrie shells used in trade to the legal tender of countries in regions from Western Europe to Australia.
A later aspect of this economy was the introduction of cowrie shells as a currency in trade for human beings.
To see the river' was unacceptable so he was despatched with a bag of 5,000 cowrie shells (the local currency), enough to keep him alive for about seven weeks.
As in past such crises, one might expect a shift from currencies into gold, land, jewelry, cowrie shells, and other such assets.
Democratic Republic of Congo, Vili-Kongo, Male Figure (Nkisi Nkondi), early/mid-19th century, Wood, metal, glass, fabric, fibers, cowrie shells, bones, leather, gourds, and feathers, 28 1/3" (72 cm).