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any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells

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The front of the dress with more than 180 genuine elk ivory teeth is typical of the dresses before 1890, while the back of the dress has been completed using cowrie shells in similar fashion to the late 1890s style shown in Figure 17.
He showed us a big glass case with Buffalo Bill's white horse with saddle and harness - yes, decorated with cowrie shells.
They wore bark cloth adorned with cowrie shells, feathers and whistles.
I will walk into the Traore compound through its sculptured gates and marvel at the storehouses full of crops, gold dust and cowrie shells.
She first used ceramic materials to mimic other media such as bark cloth or cowrie shells, until she later incorporated non-ceramic but refractory materials fused with clay to make the objects themselves.
The associations of cowries with the history of the slave trade (the Europeans used cowrie shells from the Indian Ocean to buy slaves) has resonance for these objects as well, because it was in part as protection against the dangers of slaving wars that these bocio once had a central role.
The young men and women stepped off a plane to a raucous welcome yesterday, including dancers who pounded the pavement in costumes made of cowrie shells and traditional praise singers.
Maya dances in kente cloth with cowrie shells or in leotards and tutus.
Petrol-brown with age, some of her features have been recreated with clay and two cowrie shells have been inserted horizontally to give her sleep-heavy eyes.
A Chase Bank banner was repurposed into AfroChase, with the company's name, logo, and a motto--STRENGTHENING OUR COMMUNITIES--depicted in gray felt home insulation adorned with hair picks and cowrie shells, an iconic early form of tender in West Africa as well as an emblem of fortune-telling and divination.
They follow the global flows and implications of two commodities, cowrie shells and indigo, that are often encountered in the literature but seldom reflected upon.
In this case, the bag contained a whole necklace-worth of cowrie shells from Papua New Guinea, some old Tibetan beads made of turquoise and carved bone, as well as a large cultured pearl and one bead of mammoth ivory.
From the viewing gallery--an easy climb of not more than 15 minutes--the mounds looked like cowrie shells scattered across a moss green carpet.
com 3 In malen b's Classics group, cowrie shells provide the basic shape for one of the new patterns.
Whether American or Somali, Christian or Islamic, male or female, black or white, we are all worth the same sum of camels, the same weight of cowrie shells.