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any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells

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Okay," Cody said, giving her the small cowrie shell with dots of pink on its belly and also the bivalve shell as yellow as the sun, because it reminded him of her brilliant smile.
While perhaps not as valuable, this example is typical of the dresses Kiowa women made towards the end of the nineteenth century and into the early parts of the twentieth century, using cowrie shells and carved bone imitation teeth as substitutes for real elk ivory teeth which had become unavailable.
He kept part of the old harness, which was decorated with cowrie shells.
She often referred to seashells in her work and particularly the cowrie shell as mentioned in her book On Pottery and Porcelain (page 100).
During festivals, the women dance in a circle wearing traditional black robes, ornate cowrie shell headdresses and colourful necklaces.
Robert Welsch looks at pig kills, pork distribution, cowrie shell circulation, and expanding demographic and political hegemony through focusing on the centrality of the Muyu of the Upper Fly-Digul Plain region.
The cowrie shell (Cypraea moneta), a famous and widespread example, was used in China 3,500 years ago and more recently in New Guinea, Africa, the Maldive Islands, many Pacific islands, and in various parts of the Middle East.
MINTER: By the way, just about all of the women I paint always have cowrie shell earrings.
II One of Burton's craftsmen used a lathe to form the silver bowl on which the cowrie shell stands.
Walking along the beach would be a doorpiece (the 'lid' on the shell of sea molluscs) or maybe a cowrie shell or a bit of driftwoo.
Five years ago, brightly colored handwoven Kente cloth, brimless Kufi hats, earthy mud cloths from Ghana and Senegal and bone-toned cowrie shell jewelry appeared to be a nostalgic way of dressing among African Americans.
Paige held up a cowrie shell and said, "This is my.
The cowrie shell dance, performed only on special occasions, and always at night, is particularly eye-catching.
We are, each, a cowrie shell rattling in God's pocket.
The rectangular cavity in the belly, considered to be the center of power, was probably covered with a large, white cowrie shell or a mirror which deflected evil forces.