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British writer of novels about nature


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35) John Cowper Powys, The Menace of German Culture: A Reply to Professor Munsterberg (London: Rider, 1915).
I also thank Constance Harsh for sending me her article on John Cowper Powys (see Note 38), and Tereza Diniz D'Almeida from Casa Pessoa, who provided me with a very helpful list of Pessoa's own books.
Cowper Powys, born at Shirley, Derbyshire, of Welsh ancestry, was the eldest of the 11 children of Rev C F Powys, who was vicar of Shirley, and Mary Cowper Johnson Powys, through whom he was related both to William Cowper and John Donne.
Cowper Powys John was the last of the trio of remarkable brothers - including Llewelyn Powys, the essayist, who died in 1939, and T F Powys, the novelist, who died in 1953.
Frank Warren -editor of The Letters of John Cowper Powys to Glyn Hughes -has kindly donated a copy of the book to the Liverpool Central Library.
John Cowper Powys,one of the world-renowned Powys brothers , and a giant in the literary world, wrote these wonderful letters to Glyn Hughes during the 1950s.
This is not to say that John Cowper Powys has written an inferior work; far from it.
AS ECCENTRICS go, John Cowper Powys could match the wackiest of them.
John Cowper Powys lived in the USA for many years, where he sought to escape the English class system that he so thoroughly despised, before moving to Corwen.
Dr Morine Krissdottir, from Yeovil, who is working on Powys' biography and who hopes to see it published next year, says that although living a hand-to-mouth existence, John Cowper Powys found himself for once at ease with himself.
His other writing includes books on David Jones, Vernon Watkins and John Cowper Powys, and Anglo-Welsh Poetry 1480-1980 with Raymond Garlick.
DESCRIBED last year as a 'patriarch of the literature of this country', John Cowper Powys, the author and poet, has died at his cottage home at Blaenau Ffestiniog, aged 90.