Cowper's gland

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either of two glands that discharge a component of seminal fluid into the urethra

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Pronounced dilatation of Cowper's gland duct manifest as a perineal mass: A recommendation for management.
It has been hypothesized that it could result from a congenital retention cyst of Cowper's gland main duct; this could be particularly true when present in pediatric patients [5].
Syringoceles were visualized by ultrasound (US) at the anatomic region of Cowper's gland in some cases [4, 10, 11]; however, whenever US results are questionable, retrograde urethrography should be done, which confirms the diagnosis [12].
The Hershberger assay is one of the assays selected for validation based on the need for in vivo screening to detect androgen agonists or antagonists by measuring the response of five sex accessory organs and tissues of castrated juvenile male rats: the ventral prostate, the seminal vesicles with coagulating glands, the levator ani and bulbocavernosus muscle complex, the Cowper's glands, and the glans penis.
1932, 1933a, 1933b), the Cowper's glands (Wainman and Shipounoff 1941), and the glans penis (Bulbring and Burn 1935; Dingemanse et al.
The following tissues were removed and weighed at necropsy: liver and combined kidneys (to 1 mg), Cowper's glands, levator ani/bulbo cavernosus muscles (LA/BC), seminal vesicles (with coagulating gland), ventral prostate, glans penis, and combined adrenal glands (all to 0.
In all of the experiments, a dose of 5,000 [micro]g/kg/day FIN significantly inhibited the growth of the seminal vesicles, ventral prostate, Cowper's glands, and glans penis compared with animals administered only TP (Table 1).
Carcinoma in situ, perineural or angiolymphatic invasion, involvement of sweat, Littre or Cowper's glands did not occur.