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Synonyms for cowboy

Synonyms for cowboy

a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

a performer who gives exhibitions of riding and roping and bulldogging

someone who is reckless or irresponsible (especially in driving vehicles)

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It has been 22 years since Ford and the Dallas Cowboys offered a Cowboys edition F-150, says Greg Wood, Ford Dallas regional sales manager.
8220;The Cowboy Spirit is about honesty, integrity, courage, and patriotism, and Cowboys are models of strong character, sound family values, and good common sense.
Dallas Cowboys fans are bused on a tour package from Monterrey, Mexico.
The trial in 1967 paved the way to fully nude cowboys that would become the norm for the rest of the 1960's, effectively ending the era of the posing strap.
Recordings by singing cowboys Roy Rogers and Gene Autry
DiLuigi on a 14-yard pass, then Urbina for 8 yards and Loucks for 15 before doing a nice job of avoiding a sack while stepping up in the pocket to hit Suber on a post near the goal line for the touchdown, putting the Cowboys ahead 12-7.
Decked out in a barn red, fringed leather jacket, embroidered prairie skirt, a self-described gaudy studded belt and a cowboy hat, Deleeuw was one of several featured performers at the second annual Coast Fork Cowboy Festival held at Creswell High School.
Sharpe collected hundreds of Appalachian songs that were clearly traceable to the British Isles, but as Malone points out in "Singing Cowboys," Sharpe was in the South specifically looking for this connection.
Cowboys Cowgirls Cowchips: True Tales From The Long X, Long S, And Spade Ranches is an revealing and entertaining compendium of information on everything that makes a true modern cowboy from the perspective of by Doris McClellan.
But now, the deconstruction takes an even longer leap from portraying cowboys and Western figures as "evil" because they subdued the Red Man and nature alike, to portraying them as "good" because they might be the closet homosexuals depicted in Brokeback Mountain.
The original plan was to first build a blacksmith shop, but the local cowboys thought otherwise.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has long sought control over the team's merchandising activities (and profits), convinced the team could more effectively maximize its licensing business than could NFL Properties.
The Missouri Cowboys Poets Association recently delivered 170 copies of their poetry books to the Missouri State Library, with members dressed up in cowboy clothing.
Mike McArthur of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys says, "More and more cowboys and those who identify with the Western world are beginning to publicly profess their faith in Christ.
Even if you're not overun with cowboys, you'll sell this stuff to your handgun customers for plinking.