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Synonyms for cowboy

Synonyms for cowboy

a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

a performer who gives exhibitions of riding and roping and bulldogging

someone who is reckless or irresponsible (especially in driving vehicles)

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Lunn's, whose pretty daughter Sally had been an early flame of his, and, when the church-goers were at a safe distance, to abstract the guineas from their wooden box and slip them into a small canvas bag--nothing easier than to call to the cowboy that he was going, and tell him to keep an eye on the house for fear of Sunday tramps.
Mexican cowboys, called vaqueros, gave American cowboys the idea of wearing chaps.
Blake Allmendinger's The Cowboy has three goals: first, to study heretofore neglected cowboy art; second, to show how that art depicts and comments upon cowboy labor routines; and third, "to show that artistic self-representations o labor also formulate systems of thought in which cowboys use work as a metaphor for discussing economics, gender, religion, and literature" (3).
New Dallas-based Company Provides the 'Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Fan Experience' for Home and Away Cowboy Games
For over 30 years, the "down home Cowboys" at Cowboy Chicken have been cooking all natural chicken over a wood burning fire, and today guests enjoy the same delicious wood-fired rotisserie chicken along with seventeen different fresh homemade sides.
The Cowboys ended up with 11 touchdowns on 13 possessions, and racked up 643 yards of total offense.
Liberal as Hollywood is, they never would have thought the industry they loved would put out a movie in which the protagonists are cowboys who give the term "rough riders" a new, blue meaning.
Beginning with the crow of a rooster in the morning and the cowboys saddling up their horses for a days work of roping, riding; and a whole lot more, to the end of a long day's work and time to kick up a little fun square dancing, singing, and spending their pay, to bedtime and dreams of riding the rodeo, this colorful, lively, wonderfully entertaining picturebook story is a welcome and recommended addition to any child's reading list--especially if they have cowboy dreams of their own
The experiences of two generations of Danish Canadian cowboys are outlined in Barbara Holliday's To Be A Cowboy, even though the focus is upon cowboy Oliver Christensen's story.
Historic Ogden Pioneer Days to Recognize Utah Cowboys from Each of Utah's 29 Counties During Its 75(th) Anniversary Celebration
DALLAS, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The new Cowboys Stadium has exceeded expectations for the hotels surrounding it; and the DFW Airport Marriott South, the closest full-service Marriott property to the stadium, is experiencing additional demand.
Behind strong setting from Ashley Arnold and a balanced offensive attack, the Canyon Cowboys -- now under the direction of co-coaches Jeff Cody and Brian Ingino -- were able to hold off a late charge by the Eagles to win their third consecutive title, capping the 17th annual tournament with a 25-22 victory.
Here are just a few of the true western events that will bring cowboys and cowgirls of all ages galloping into town:
The Cowboy Festival celebrates authentic cowboy culture and music, which focuses on the lives of the cowboys, ranchers, vaqueros and the men and women who worked the land during 1800s America.
But recently, cowboys and cowgirls have been packing the house Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.