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a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily located

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However, when the rules for ringing cowbells are not followed, the university faces fines from the SEC that increase for each violation.
Did I become a success because of frizzy Afros, Roman candles, cowbells and deadheading?
Megaphones, cowbells and keyboards give them their distinctive electro-rock sound and singers and drummers wandering around stage with pink feather boas tucked into jeans give them a surrealism that can only be described as enthralling.
The lonesome sounds of whistling wind, cowbells, church bells, and chimes suggested an austere pastoral life, warmed by the scratchy tones of vintage Japanese pop.
Instead of sitting on this cajon, the player sits behind it on a drum throne and can comfortably play the instrument, as well as the pedal-mounted auxiliary percussion instruments, such as cowbells, woodblocks, hi-hats, etc.
of bread pans he uses for cowbells as passersby pitch change into a
A bass guitar joins the voices of yodlers that mingles with the vibrations of the cowbells and digeridoo.
As care providers, it is our responsibility to be sufficiently aware of them so that our own cowbells do not drown out our clients.
Yet despite musicians' disinclination to getting plugged in and fear of unknown territory, it is clear that they would have played cowbells and triangles for the chance to jam with the maestro.
where the home fans have become infamous for ringing cowbells throughout the game.
PasturesSpielberg is in farming country where cowbells ring out in the pastures.
Cowbells ringing up through the valley in Panchgani, India, as I stood waist-high in yellow grass on the ridge of the second biggest plateau in Asia; children dancing and singing in the aisle of the train on a 36-hour journey.
Hens-and-chicks, Lamb's Ear, Cowbells, Horseradish, Horehound, and Goats Beard vie for their share of sunshine.