cow dung

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a piece of dried bovine dung

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But when we held one of our committee meetings on a farm surrounded by acres and acres of cowpats, someone came up with the idea of cow-pie throwing.
Games will range from cow-pie bingo and horseshoes to sack races to jump rope and bobbing for apples.
But there are no plans to pension off The Dandy's cow-pie scoffing hero.
Honestly, it was a real Desperate Dan cow-pie - packed with steak, mushrooms and ale, served with a delicious red wine and shallot gravy on the side.
Campbell, who would have been reminded of how close he came to winning the 2009 Masters from watching the Augusta drama unfold last week, is as Texan as cow-pie and will have been preparing for this tournament as if it was a Major.
We easily negotiated the pasture and its assortment of cow-pie land mines.
In a game with 11 fumbles, five interceptions and four missed field goals, the Ducks managed to gain 300 yards in one half and not score, which is a little like not coming up with a winning plop in cow-pie bingo.
Fans' favourite Desperate Dan will still feature but the cow-pie munching strongman will be joined by "contemporary" characters, including Dreadlock Holmes, a streetwise "cool kid", and Jak, a troublesome schoolboy.
I have come to expect acritical critiques of senseless blobs and folds and titanium cow-pies showing up in every other AR issue.
Nicholson's hunger for games matches Desperate Dan's appetite for cow-pies but the 17-year-old has left Bilston Town wondering whether he has created a football first.