cow dung

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a piece of dried bovine dung

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solani followed by cow-curd, cow-dung+ cow-urine (1:1) , cow-curd, cow-dung, cow-dung+ cow-urine (2:1), cow-ghee, cow-milk.
It focuses in particular on women who not only work for undocumented wages, but also engage in fetching water and firewood, sewing and tailoring, and preparation of cow-dung cakes.
The cow-dung and urine produce a very bad smell which makes us very uncomfortable," said Emirati, Mohammed Hassan, a resident of Digdag.
Slurry of cow-dung, and paddy field soil were made in the Baker's medium (1g/10ml) under anaerobic conditions and used supernatant as inoculum.
Owls with a refurbished cow-dung decor, however, averaged ten times as many beetle meals during the test.
DeSure's office had a thatched roof and a cow-dung floor and sat 15 kilometers from the hut he called home.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance of existing garden and water body including labour for watering and maintenance with chemical fertilizer, cow-dung, bone dust etc.