cow dung

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a piece of dried bovine dung

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a) Stubbed her toe, b) Fell down a mine shaft, c) Stood in a cow pat.
This situation could spell a serious, impending problem, especially to livestock farmers, Wall believes, because "for every pat [of dung] you have, you reduce available pasture land; cows won't graze up to the edge of their cow pat.
But there's no forest magic to tempt him since the whole place is the color of a dried cow pat.
Dirty Cow Freshening Hand Wash 300ml), PS14, Cow Pat hand cream (300ml), PS16, both Cowshed
It wouldn't have been surprising if he had been accosted by an angry shepherd, savaged by his sheepdog, and fallen head-first into a cow pat and still managed to find something to smile about.
I did feel sorry for some of the motorists in their immaculate cars as the field was a bit of a cow pat minefield.
Cadwalladers Ice Cream has even released a Cow Pat topping
I will definitely wake up as early as possible every day, tread fresh cow pat inside the tent and develop a disturbingly-high temperature in the middle of the night so we never have to do it again and they give in and take me to Disneyland.
Odd how little things stick in your mind; I distinctly remember touching a cow pat with the toe of my shoe and making a cloud of orangey flies rise in the air.
Oddly the cow pat, even a cow Mick or cow Murphy, could be the best way forward.
It's this and another rare occasion where female leads crack jokes, fire guns and get away with the money that, despite Smith's best leaden efforts (including a clunky parody of The Thomas Crown Affair), even manages to get away with making a cow pat gag seem funny.
Once you've landed ankle-deep in one cow pat you stop bothering about the rest
When wet the pitch was full of watery pot holes, when dry it was like an upturned cow pat and as bumpy as hell.
Last August he did a parachute jump to cure his fear of heights - and landed in a cow pat.