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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

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I kept coming back to the wonderful surprise of that old cow moose for the rest of the day.
BARRE - Two people were injured early Tuesday evening when the car they were driving hit a cow moose.
Wes made noises like a romantic cow moose, but to no avail.
I cow-called and poured water into the lake from my birch bark moose call, imitating the sounds of a cow moose urinating in the water.
In 1968 a cow moose was reported by Dick Rivers, a jet boat operator on the Snake River at Pittsburg Creek (Bartels 1968).
Grazing her way into the north Boston suburb of Melrose on Memorial Day weekend 1995, the 600-pound adult cow moose wandered into a fenced-in backyard.
Another cow moose cut through the small meadow as I tried to keep my arrow from bouncing off the shelf of my recurve.
magna infected moose in North Dakota, a sick adult cow moose collected in unit M6 (NDGF 2004, unpublished); this moose was also infected with P.
In order to improve productivity and increase overall harvest yields, ADFG reasoned that it would be necessary to lower the moose population by elevating the harvest rate of cow moose.
Seconds later, the head of a cow moose popped into view, and my heart slowed a little--but just a little.
Cow moose give birth at sites that provide some hiding cover but do not necessarily have the highest quality or quantity of forage available (Leptich and Gilbert 1986, Langley and Pletscher 1994, Bowyer et al.
Late that first afternoon, we spotted a cow moose feeding in the shallows of one of the lakes.
Bite size, bite rate, and harvest rate of willow were similar to those reported by Renecker and Hudson (1986b) for cow moose in summer in Alberta, Canada, and moose in DNP (Van Ballenberghe, unpublished data).