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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

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Seasonal home range, habitat use, and neonatal habitat characteristics of cow moose in northern New Hampshire.
The old cow moose stood, and with one last thoughtful survey of our deck just a few metres away, she hastily trotted off towards the island across the lake.
As Eubank, who relocated from Texas, recalls, "there was a Bull Moose and a cow moose at the front door.
But I put my binoculars on it, and here's this cow moose.
They've run off skunks--without getting sprayed--and our wether even took on a full-grown cow moose.
Before I could offer my congratulations the cow moose was there, only 40 yards away and rapidly closing, thundering downslope from the conifer-covered plateau and spraying snow like a V-bladed plow on a fast run.
Your "Final Frame" photo [August/September 1999] shows a reported cow moose in a kiddie pool.
And even during the rut, cow moose tend to make shooting a bull a less-than-easy event.
The selective harvest system (SHS) that places hard limits on the maximum number of harvested bull and/or cow moose provides direct control.
A 600-pound cow moose is fast enough to outrun any human, typically kicking and stomping him with powerful, heavy legs and hooves, on rare occasions killing the presumed threat.
2006: Seasonal home range, habitat use, neonatal habitat characteristics of cow moose in northern New Hampshire.
Dropping to a knee, I found myself viewing my first cow moose.
QUEBEC is adding a muzzleloader season to Unit 1 and is eliminating the cow moose season in Unit 27.
give us a nice fat cow moose and maybe even a calf too.
When he makes his way through the forest, crosses the river and reenters the forest, he finds a cow moose.