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an intelligence operation so planned as to permit plausible denial by the sponsor

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CIA Covert Operations II: The Year of Intelligence, 1975, captures the first full year of the Ford administration, when a wave of media revelations of official abuses and wrongdoing by America's spy agencies prompted wide investigations.
Covert operations to ensure that sanctions were implemented would logically be carried out in countries other than Iran--that is, in countries that would have to decide whether to implement or ignore sanctions.
So far, we have been very successful at catching smokers through covert operations using the Safer Travel partnership.
Once the operation is complete, FSI conducts a "corrective action briefing" with officials at the tested entity to report that they have been the subject of a covert operation, share the results of the testing and, if necessary, suggest potential remedies for any identified control weaknesses or security vulnerabilities.
One particularly troubling provision of the Intelligence Reform Act is that it authorizes not only the president, but also the DNI, to use any federal agency for intelligence-gathering or other covert operations.
Hambleton Community Safety Partnership has bought several miniature spy cameras to be used in covert operations.
He's also an accomplished film director (``Heist,'' ``The Spanish Prisoner''), so the television industry should feel fortunate that he's devoting his talents to ``The Unit,'' a drama about a Delta Force-style anti-terrorism outfit populated with elite soldiers whose covert operations will save the world, week in and week out.
Marvin retired from the Army in 1973 and said he broke his promised silence on covert operations after his conscience bothered him following his conversion to Christianity in 1984.
SHOPKEEPERS are being warned about covert operations taking place this month to crack down on the sale of alcohol to children.
Their combined efforts here make for a compelling thriller with highly realistic details about covert operations.
Covert Operations Against Cuba 1959-1965 is in their collection.
Obviously I have a more astute sense of covert operations than Merseyside police
Furthermore, to protect their interests and to cover their activities, the Bush regimes follow a strict Machiavellian "security state" policy of covert operations and secrecy above all else.
After determining that the problem can be fixed remotely (hardware problems still require a physical Agent's interaction), the call moves to a Covert Operations Agent, who directs the civilian to log on to a safe and secure Web site.
task force, on Wednesday said India is capable of conducting similar covert operations to bust extremist hubs across the border.