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having hidden electronic eavesdropping devices

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A second covert listening device, planted in Parkinson's car, also captured him discussing details of an alleged burglary plot with a man called David Nuttall, 46.
Franklin Sinclair,of Manchester-based Tuckers Solicitors, said he believed the illegal use of covert listening devices was more widespread among police forces than was thought.
But the ECHO can reveal it is not a flying saucer, public art, or covert listening device - but a recycling facility that the council has yet to complete.
When he visited EMSA cars on March 9, which had been bugged by detectives, he was heard on the covert listening device saying he needed to escape.
Jurors heard that much of the evidence in the case has come from phone and vehicle evidence and covert listening devices.
In the meantime, a judge who last month set free 11 suspects who include a senior police chief and the prime minister's former chief bodyguard facing charges of planting covert listening devices at the Prime Minister's Office, has been reassigned.
Conversations between the boxer and others were monitored on covert listening devices and there was also a surveillance operation.
The plot was said at court to have been discovered by MI5 using covert listening devices in a flat in east London.
WEST Midlands Police are road testing covert listening devices in Birmingham - to detect gun shots.
You can get covert listening devices cheaply or you can go up to pounds 15,000 or pounds 20,000.
Lord Justice Laws said this was one of three cases in which the police had placed covert listening devices at the police station.
Using the latest advances in large-scale integrated electronics and RF processing, the company's hand-held bug detector is designed to address the increase in the use of mobile phones as covert listening devices.