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a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing

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A Wear Test Questionnaire was provided along with a coverall to the six testing participants.
Woods had to use the nearest portable toilet, while wearing coveralls that were clearly not intended for women.
3M protective coveralls have been subjected to rigorous material and seam tests and performance classes are demonstrated on the data sheets available for each model.
Olive Hill, KY, is being awarded a maximum $16,125,000 firm fixed price contract for combat vehicle crewman's universal camouflage pattern coveralls.
The chief engineer confiscated and discarded the contaminated coveralls, immediately cleaned the exposed area with a sulfur amalgam compound according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protocol (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2001), and secured the storeroom, allowing no further access until the ship docked and the storeroom was decontaminated.
When he couldn't get out, he came out of the restroom with his coveralls unzipped, exposing himself.
Coveralls are perfect on a frosty day; they keep a hunter warmer than jacket-and-pants combos as they have fewer places for the cold to seep in.
The key finding concerning lack of employer enforcement came in response to a question that asked those surveyed to consider eight different potential barriers that may exist between hazard-exposed road workers and their use often different types of PPE--safety vests, hardhats, fall protection, safety shoes/boots, earplugs/ muffs, safety glasses/goggles, gloves, respiratory protection, coveralls, and face shields.
A man in red coveralls steps onto the platform, switches on the music-stand light, and begins to sing a three-minute song to the French horn's melody.
This one, with a variously brooding score by Nana Simopoulos (played live by a quartet of musicians), had a New Age aura with its quartet of dancers in softly gathered, old-gold coveralls (Blake again).
Shooters and firearms instructors should wear an outer garment, such as a jumpsuit or coveralls, or change clothes before going home.
These, I learned, were classic symptoms of radiation sickness, but management said I was reacting to the caustic in which coveralls were washed.
The material can be fashioned into any type of wearable garment, as shown in Figure 2, and is currently available as full-body coveralls and as other products like EMI shielding curtains or covers.
The enhanced visibility line includes short and long sleeve work shirts, bib overalls, coveralls and work pants.