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a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing

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Woods first thought about making coveralls for women about 15 years ago, when she first started going underground as part of her job with a mining supply company.
According to the company, Kimtech Pure A5 (non-sterile) Coveralls are a high-quality, affordable solution for many cleanroom needs.
The coveralls slip over and zip on to the entire All-Game suit, allowing you to match the suit to the terrain.
00 firm fixed price contract for combat vehicle crewman's tan coveralls.
Just when you got over Korn and Kid Rock, now comes a freakish gang called Slipknot dressed in numbered industrial coveralls, surrealistic self-made masks and a musical attack that redefines the words ``brutal,'' ``ugly'' and ``noise.
The enhanced visibility line includes short and long sleeve work shirts, bib overalls, coveralls and work pants.