suppressive fire

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fire on or about a weapon system to degrade its performance below what is needed to fulfill its mission objectives

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Daryl, 27, from the 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards, was killed in July when helping provide cover fire to protect his fellow soldiers as they attacked an enemy position.
Creating panic by opening fire in a packed Toyko nightclub, just to use the ensuing chaos to cover his escape and using cover to avoid enemy fire while taking precise aim to shoot down single or multiple enemies; He can also blind fire around corners, lay down cover fire with submachine guns, hurl grenades or tear gas to disarm enemies or use an enemy's sniper rifle to fire that single, deadly shot.
50-caliber machine gun working, providing cover fire while the wounded were evacuated.
Insurance policies through which carriers will have to make payouts include standard fire policies, which cover fire, lightning and explosion only; extended coverage policies which cover standard fire policies but include earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruptions; and "all risks" policies, which cover unforeseen, sudden and accidental physical losses.
Fire brigade union divisional secretary Lea McDonald, who is also a Coventry firefighter, spoke out after fire authority bosses announced they had changed their plans to scrap two night-time cover fire engines.
She provided cover fire as the remainder of the security forces darted into position, he said.
Cover fire is a ``proven and accepted police tactic,'' and how to do it has been included in the department's training curriculum because of the Valencia shooting, according to a corrective action report released by the Sheriff's Department.
Several hundred gunmen had been pushed back to a small area of the camp, with Israeli helicopter gunships providing heavy cover fire for ground troops.
The commandos dived out and initiated a retreat procedure: three men ran a few yards while three others gave them cover fire before the roles were swapped.
The package contains two disks that cover fire alarm basics in four instructional units, each of which lasts from 20 to 25 minutes.
3 This agreement shall also cover fire alarm monitoring should those services be requested by the City etc.
Colin Luther-Davies, from Ormskirk, was shot twice during a gun fight with the Taliban as he attempted to provide cover fire for a wounded colleague.
The Pakistan Rangers started firing along the border, probably to give cover fire to facilitate their infiltration attempt.
The course will cover fire risk assessment, risk reduction and fire safety management.
Derived from an old French word that means cover fire, a curfew was a metal cone or shield used to put out the hearth fire last thing in the evening.