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a man who is a native or inhabitant of Cornwall

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Matthew McNulty joins the cast as Brian, a cousin Jack never knew existed, who arrives in Ireland to discover the truth about his family.
As a child, James, who was better know as Jim, would visit his cousin Jack Casey, who would later become comedian Eli Woods.
Savina Rice, 11 and her 13-year-old cousin Jack should have flown out on Friday.
In addition to Tom and Jake you can expect to see Toby and Ollie riding in points this season, while their cousin Jack, 21, son of former rider Johnny Greenall, is keen to make his debut in the sport.
There's gorgeous mesmerising distant cousin Jack Winter, he of the angel looks, celestial blue eyes, the ruffled golden locks and the heavenly smell, who has inherited the title and gets Sophy's heart in a flutter.
But like kissing cousin Jack Johnson, Jorge isn't afraid of being topical - one song here decries the prevalence of silicone breast implants, another the harsh realities of the slum poverty seen in ``City of God.
He and cousin Jack had their stalls up side by side, Jack selling lino -or putty,as they called it -and Dennis selling chinaware.
Earlier O'Shea showed off his Premiership winners medal at at St Declan's Primary School where he was presented with a trophy from his young cousin Jack O'Shea.
I haven't got a computer so I wouldn't use the web site but I might when I see my cousin Jack.
If you can take any more of this, a report into the death of Tommy Trinder's cousin Jack showed that the man who stabbed him to death, a mental patient with a long history of violence, had four weeks previously been found in possession of a knife but was nevertheless released on bail.
Not long ago, Jean and I spent an overnight with my cousin Jack, a priest and pastor in Pawtucket, R.
The protagonist of Holly is feisty yet attracts the protective impulses of Dan and her cousin Jack, sometimes against her own wishes and abilities.
Gem Sidney: "My 2 sons are taking part in the junior great north run in memory of their cousin jack and are raising money for the lullaby trust x" Heather: "As a Geordie I burst with pride when I see the GNR" SUPERFIT GRANDFATHER TONY THE FRIDGE WILL ALSO BE RUNNING THIS WEEKEND JUSTAFTER HE MANAGED TO RUN THE LENGTH OF BRITAIN WITH A 42.
The business was formed nearly three years by Neil Cox, his uncle Ken Miles and cousin Jack Miles, all from the North Tyneside area.