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a spicy dish that originated in northern Africa

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a pasta made in northern Africa of crushed and steamed semolina

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Cous-cous stuffed peppers Ingredients 1 large red pepper 1 large mushroom (chopped) 20g grated cheddar 1/2 grated garlic clove 1 packet cous cous 10g butter 10g mascarpone 1/2 sweet potato 1 shallot (diced) Method 1.
Sprawled out on red carpets, the couple toasted their love with Moroccan wine as a private butler and chef served them roasted vegetables, cous-cous and a barbecue of chicken and lamb skewers.
This intensifies the flavour and also dries the cous-cous, which is good.
History helps itself to a kebab and a little more cous-cous.
Cous-cous fanciers can enjoy this traditional Moroccan and Tunisian dish with vegetables, garbanzos and white raisins plus various additional options (chicken, lamb, Merguez sausage) in combination or separately ($15 to $18) at the Gypsy Grill, 16911 Ventura Blvd.
At our Pike Pub, which is scheduled to open in early September, Pike IPA will be featured, along with East India pizza with spicy shrimp, Chicken satay Singapore-style, Brewer's Cous-Cous with harissa sauce, Old Bawdy pasta with tomatoes, chilies, capers and anchovy; and Rosanna Tamales.
As will convincing pizza-and-fries lovers to eat cous-cous and low-fat yogurt
A range of cous-cous has also recently been introduced into Tesco.
JUDE Law and Sienna Miller have sealed their love with a romantic cous-cous picnic 6,000ft up one of the world's most beautiful mountains.
Kuoni (01306 743000) currently offers three nights' B&B at Dar Les Cigognes from pounds 379, including return flights from London, complimentary lesson in cous-cous making and the chance to buy owner Tanya Tibaldi's designer kaftans.
After one particularly tasty meal, consisting of cous-cous and spicy , slowly-cooked vegetables, Bloom asked the caterers for the recipe.
ONE type of cous-cous sold in Tesco and Makro stores has been found to contain an illegal cancer-causing dye.
The menu changes often, but expect cous-cous, kebabs and sweet, sticky desserts.
Butternut and kabocha squash soup, lettuce-almond-orange salad, romaine and bleu cheese salad or poached pear salad; Cornish game hen, grilled salmon on cous-cous, rack of lamb, prime rib or traditional turkey dinner; ice-cream ball, yule log, Christmas pudding.
Bistro-style grub such as beef bourgignon with cous-cous, chicken Italienne with penne pasta and spring cabbage, and salmon fillet in wholemeal crumb with parsley are now on offer to junior gourmets.