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a military court to try members of the armed services who are accused of serious breaches of martial law

a trial that is conducted by a military court

subject to trial by court-martial

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After weighing these five considerations, commanders will realize that an Article 15 is the preferred option to dispose of a first-time offense that does not merit a special or general court-martial.
The Article 32 hearing was held in late August and early September to help determine whether the men would face a court-martial.
4 that Swift, who is charged with failing to deploy and being absent without leave, would be referred for a special court-martial, but no trial date was set at that time.
He said three of the alleged victims, including a man photographed being suspended from a forklift truck, had told their stories to him before the court-martial verdict.
The failure now to proceed with a court-martial shows a lack of concern for the victims.
Those of us who were judge advocates before the Military Justice Act of 1968 grew to accept the thought of soldiers being confined for six months as the result of a special court-martial with no lawyers in the courtroom.
The civilians might well be asked to appear in any court-martial, and their testimony in turn could discredit the civilian visitor program.
Ruckman, who convened the court-martial as the Commander, Southern Department, detailed judge advocate Colonel (CoL) John A.
The charges against Henderson, including the charge of willfully hazarding a vessel in violation of Article 110, UCMJ, were referred to a special court-martial by the commanding officer of the USS TARAWA, an officer who exercised only special court-martial jurisdiction.
Marine from Sherman Oaks pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he refused the anthrax vaccine, one of the first court-martial cases to be prosecuted in a small but growing armed services protest.
For example, there is only one type of Naval Court-Martial, but following recent reforms, it is similar in most respects.
Navy will send its commander in Japan to Uwajima on Friday to explain why a Navy court did not recommend a court-martial for officers from the submarine that on Feb.
The disaster, followed by the court-martial of 50 sailors, is the subject of ``Mutiny,'' an NBC movie produced by Freeman's company airing at 9 p.
James, (9) took the contrasting position that the liberal grant mandate was indeed still relevant: "It is a response to the unique nature of the military justice system 'because in courts-martial peremptory challenges are much more limited than in most civilian courts and because the manner of appointment of court-martial members presents perils that are not encountered elsewhere.