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The council photocopied my mother's death certificate four times and still sent me a court summons.
Shocked Ann Gwilliams yesterday told of her dismay at being sent a court summons for an outstanding one penny of council tax.
I have discovered that the council tax reminders, final notices and court summons are not handled by the council themselves at all.
A court summons will be served on the MP after a police probe into the crash in Dulwich, south-east London on July 3.
If I get a court summons, I'll be on the first plane to Crete.
Currently, court summons have to be issued for a later date.
Bridgend Council leader Jeff Jones has been issued with a High Court summons from the Children's Commissioner for Wales.
Under the new system, once someone has been sent one final reminder, the next time they miss a payment, a court summons will automatically be issued.
A weekend blitz on the town's sex trade resulted in 11 court summons being served on men for picking up prostitutes.
TRAVELLERS have refused to leave land in Bedworth and now face a court summons.
The Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) tweeted that they have issued a court summons for the driver.
Russia's foreign minister has downplayed the refusal of some world leaders to participate in the country's Victory Day parade, saying that the invitation to leaders to attend is not to be likened to a court summons.
From being seen as a visionary who had changed the face of India's economy to being served a court summons as an accused in a multibillion dollar scam, Manmohan's career as a public figure seems to have made a full circle.
The wife of a local businessman received a court summons in a rather creative way when the bailiff showed up at her house disguised as a florist to deliver 12 red roses and a pink envelope.
A court summons is understood to have been issued to the West Bromwich Albion striker, ordering him to appear before magistrates in Runcorn on January 19.