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a writ issued by a court of law requiring a person to do something or to refrain from doing something

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Citing the Supreme Court's ruling, a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit then affirmed a lower court ruling that the state's ban is unconstitutional.
Refusing to execute the court ruling is illegal, it strips citizens of their rights and devalues the court ruling," he said.
The LAPPL strongly supports the California Supreme Court ruling that police officers have the right to keep their personnel records private,'' League President Bob Baker said in a statement.
In terms of viable legal precedents," says Pavela, "the best guidance we have is a state supreme court ruling in Iowa (Jain v.
Several stock analysts said the court ruling could reignite the debate over a patients'-bill-of-rights measure; since that has come to pass, however, those analysts have declined to comment.
June 12, 2003--The Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights of the House of Commons, which had discussed the definition of marriage for the last six months, is manipulated by the Liberal government in its vote of 9 to 8 not to appeal the Ontario June 10 Appeal Court ruling.
District Court ruling held that all Vietnam veteran prostate cancer claimants or their survivors are entitled to retroactive benefits to the date of the first filing of their claim for service connection or survivor's benefits (as long as the prostate cancer claim was not final before Sept.
50] One year later, the Supreme Court of the USSR overturned a Georgian Supreme Court ruling that invalidated--at the father's request--a Moscow woman's adoption of her stepson.
2d 456, 1992), the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court ruling that section 1041 applied to Mrs.
In another positive action, the Supreme Court declined to review a lower court ruling that struck down a Louisiana law mandating the insertion of a disclaimer about evolution into public school science textbooks.
The press release stated that "according to the court ruling, the standards selected by EPA were arbitrary and not based on sound science.
In a 1988 Chicago case, a lower court ruling had seemed to establish that it did not violate federal discrimination law for an employer to grant certain maternity benefits to its female workers but not to male workers whose wives gave birth.
Also contributing to some complacency over this round of cuts, Jerue says, is a court ruling, handed down by a three-judge panel on Feb.
The 6-3 high court ruling, with Chief Justice John Roberts dissenting, gave renewed momentum in California to advocates of assisted suicide and prompted Gov.
I will not be surprised to see a state supreme court ruling in oar favor," says Roey Thorpe, executive director of the gay rights group Basic Rights Oregon, which convinced the Multnomah commissioners to issue the licenses on constitutional grounds.