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a room in which a lawcourt sits

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Tender notice number : PWD/TENDER NO -23536 & Work No: Construction of electrical work at frist floor one no court room at Nayayalay bhawan singrauli
The former President said that it is a matter of grave concern that the human rights activist was not only threatened inside a court room but within less than a month the threat was also actually carried out.
Stretch maintains that when they were let into the court room he said that he was a member of Samsung's trial team.
He was eventually wrestled to the ground by three men and ejected from the court room before being arrested.
And, apart from the plaintiffs in Judge Judy's cases, the producers usually use paid extras to pack out the court room gallery, rather than inviting real people to take part.
A MAN was sentenced to 14 days in jail after refusing to give his name when he appeared in court following a massive demonstration which saw a court room taken over by protesters in Wirral.
Bennett returned twice, and was in each case put out of the court room.
From everything from starting the litigation process to defending one self to the court room itself, to reaping victory or dealing with defeat.
During the sitting of a court case at Portlaoise District Court, the case was briefly suspended while a search of the court room was carried out.
DRESDEN, Germany: A medical expert testified Tuesday that a knife attack on a 31-year-old Marwa Al-Sherbini in a German court room caused serious injuries and left her with just minutes to live.
Following the deferral the Sudanese police charged the journalists and cameramen who had been prevented from entering to the court room and confiscated their material and cell phones.
Aside from reserved space for victims and the press, people wishing to attend the sentencing at the court room can do so only on a first come, first served basis, according to U.
Beyond court room procedure, eDiscovery and Digital Evidence details the features and technical use of software, how to effectively combat opposing counsel's use of e-discovery, and the impact that use of electronic resources has upon privacy standards.
The anticlimactic delay came before a packed court room, including family, friends and former city and state officials who came to witness the punishment phase in the bill padding scandal that grew out of a sweeping investigation into City Hall corruption.
Chance (chairman) remarked that the Court Room was so cold that it was absolutely impossible for anyone to sit in it without risk of catching a severe cold.