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an officer of the court who is employed to execute writs and processes and make arrests etc

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Robert Parsons of Shrewsbury, who was on jury duty yesterday, said court officers were allowing jurors to use their phones in certain areas of the courthouse building.
Paul worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts more than 37 years as a Court Officer in Worcester Superior Court before retiring.
Thompson heard the news, according to a report from Court Officer Dennis Pariseau, he ran from the courtroom.
au, Pistorius, who claims he shot Steenkamp in the mistaken belief that she was an intruder, immediately began retching and sobbing, following which two court officers rushed to bring him a bucket.
Kim Thomson, a veteran 32-year court officer for Brant.
The man was ushered out by a court officer and left the building.
He had protested and made a complaint to the relevant court officer, he added.
Rooted to the spot, it took a firm hand from the court officer to move me to a table in the well of the court, the required documents later delivered.
There, he calmly asked a court officer "which way is out?
Jacqui Taplin, senior recovery and court officer for Warwick District Council, said: "This is not an action the council takes lightly.
The alleged attack was at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on April 20, while he was working as a Reliance court officer.
During jury deliberations, a court officer told the judge that the same juror had told him that "she did not understand what was going on" during the trial and that "she didn't understand the lawyers and she didn't understand the judge.
But the court officer did say Sena Sak issued military identification cards to many people, which is illegal because only the co-ministers of national defense can issue the identification.
A spoof of the People's Court (called the Foundry Court) featured our stockroom supervisor in full judicial robes in an actual courtroom (Boston's Suffolk Superior Court, which we were able to use because an employee's father was a court officer there).