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the highest court in most states of the United States

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In simpler terms, just one percent of all civil and criminal cases in the states reached the court of last resort.
There is no organizational court of last resort, so raising your visibility outside your department matters.
A prime example would be a court of last resort, with its requisite emphasis upon stability, continuity, and predictability in the law.
They are the ultimate and final repositories of knowledge within academic disciplines, the court of last resort to which inquirers are referred when there is a need to answer questions about what is and is not known within a body of knowledge.
You Have a Court of Last Resort - No auto auction can force you to buy a vehicle that has been misrepresented.
The ICC, created more than a decade ago to prosecute individuals for war crimes, is a court of last resort, meaning that it can only intervene when a country is found to be unwilling or unable to carry out its own investigation.
Indeed, the ICC was created as a court of last resort, to become active when everything else fails.
The ICC is first and foremost a court of last resort.
NYSE:PAC) (BMV:GAP) on Tuesday reported that on 25 July 2011 a Mexican federal court of last resort issued a final decision lifting the provisional suspension of the preliminary injunction in the protection proceeding that GAP had commenced against the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission (the CNBV) with respect to certain actions related to the public tender offer the company.
Noting that by attempting to punish those responsible for these crimes, the ICC is a crucial court of last resort in defending African victims and attempting to prevent the future occurrence of such atrocities;
Appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London were not abolished until 1949, when the Supreme Court became the court of last resort for legal matters in Canada; until that time our judges and courts had continued to adopt and follow the main decisions of the highest tribunals in the British legal system.
Most states divide their appellate system into two levels: an intermediate appellate court (IAC), which renders a first level of trial court review, and a court of last resort (COLR), which handles the most critical and important matters and appeals from the IACs.
It is a court of last resort that will step in only if states are considered unable or unwilling to prosecute perpetrators.
Members tried to duck being the court of last resort so they wouldn't be caught between the concerns of parents, the teachers union and the state Education Code.
Miami lawyer Steven Stark said that as an appellate lawyer it's easy to forget that "the court of last resort for a lot of citizens is the trial court.