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a military court to try members of the armed services who are accused of serious breaches of martial law

a trial that is conducted by a military court

subject to trial by court-martial

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Gapasin served in a number of positions that broadened his experience in Military Law and Court Martial Defense.
The court martial proceedings against Sahni had begun in August last year at the 11 Corps headquarters in Jalandhar, Punjab.
The court held that the military court martial is legally recognized by the Constitution and therefore being jailed for 30 months by the court martial takes away his civic rights for seven years,'' a court official said.
An on-site court martial for serious offences that are criminal in nature would afford immediate access to witnesses and evidence in the mission area.
According to Anura Dissanayake, a local politician and Fonseka ally, the former military chief objected to the court martial soon after it began, saying the presiding panel of three officers was biased because it included two men whom he previously disciplined when he was head of the army.
Summary: A nuclear submarine commander whose vessel ran aground in the Red Sea has been reprimanded by a court martial.
A ROYAL Navy commander crashed his nuclear-powered submarine into a shallow pinnacle he failed to spot on navigation charts, a court martial heard yesterday.
A SOLDIER facing a court martial for refusing to return to Afghanistan has had charges of bringing the Army into disrepute by criticising the conflict dropped, he has said.
Lance Corporal Joe Glenton of the Royal Logistics Corps is facing a preliminary court martial after saying he would not return to Afghanistan.
A very handsome horse trained by Matthew Peacock at Middleham, Dante went unbeaten through a six-race two-year-old campaign in 1944 that included the Coventry Stakes and the Middle Park Stakes; he headed the Free Handicap by a pound from Court Martial.
On December 21st a Federal Court judge rejected a request from the Canadian military to conduct a court martial hearing against a member of the JTF2.
A special court-martial, with maximum punishment of confinement for a year, is less severe than a general court-martial, which handles the most serious offenses, but tougher than a summary court martial, where maximum punishment is 30 days confinement.
An RAF doctor who refused to serve in Iraq has been told he must face trial by court martial.
PARATROOPEER Lee Clegg - cleared of murder after two years in jail - faces a court martial for alleged assault.
Lance Corporal Mark Cooley, from Newcastle, is one of three British soldiers facing the court martial in Osnabruck, Germany.