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a government building that houses the offices of a county government

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a building that houses judicial courts

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But after two years of hard work The Old Court House Cafe is now set to open to the public on Tuesday, September 1.
Nick Hegarty, director of Compute (Bridgend) Ltd said: "We are delighted to attract such a high-calibre professional services client such as Graham Paul Ltd to the Court House which will serve to really strengthen this business quarter in the town centre.
Gazette reporter Toni Guillot takes a look inside the court house and cells of Middlesbrough Town Hall, which is due to undergo a PS7.
Around 150 volunteers have been involved in the first five weeks of the scheme at Bromborough Court House, run by Wirralbased social enterprise Big Heritage.
The property developer said he has had to pay PS1,600 for sash windows to be replaced and fears the vandalism would be worse if he simply moved to another of his properties and sold the court house.
The Court House has recently undergone extensive renovation, funded in part by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and continues to be used by Warwick Town Council for its council meetings and as a visitor centre.
His 27-year-old mother Michelle Owens appeared in the city's court house yesterday.
Fakhri Abu Diab, a political activist in occupied East Jerusalem and member of the Silwan Defence Committee, told Gulf News that the postponement of the court decision was a result of public pressure, after thousands of people, including Israeli activists and international supporters, attended the court session and filled the streets surrounding the court house.
Hundreds of people demonstrated outside the court house chanting against the ex-minister.
During the course of the hearing, unknown people from the girl side entered the court house and started firing at the opposing group as a result of which five people were injured.
The Judges which recessed the hearing to assess the prosecutor's request decided to arrest the 133 culprits who were present at the court house including, Ornek, Firtina and Engin Alan.
BLACKSBURG, VA, March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- From April 7-11, 2010 the past will come alive when approximately twenty Civil War reenactors from North Carolina to Connecticut will march from Sailor's Creek Battlefield to Appomattox Court House National Park in Virginia.
Summary: A suspected car bomb exploded outside a court house in Newry in Northern Ireland.
Soon after the charge was filed, Jackson's mother and father, his brother Jermaine Jackson, and other family members arrived at the court house adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport, where hundreds of reporters and Jackson fans were gathered outside.
John Devane said he is afraid for his life after the assault in Limerick court house.