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Synonyms for docket

Synonyms for docket

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Synonyms for docket

(law) the calendar of a court

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

place on the docket for legal action

make a summary or abstract of a legal document and inscribe it in a list

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In Virginia, legislation was needed to allow county court clerks to post a number of non-confidential public records, including the court docket information on the Internet.
According to the court docket in San Jose, the ruling, which was posted temporarily in error late on Friday, was later filed under seal.
It's not expected to make the court docket until spring 2006, Bernalillo County Assistant District Attorney Theresa Whatley said in New Mexico.
Supreme Court docket, court decisions, text of all U.
Since only four votes are needed to put a controversy on the high court docket, it remains possible the case could end up before the justices.
West Group has announced that customers accessing court docket information via Westlaw can now take advantage of WestDockets, a new Westlaw service that provides direct access to electronic court docket materials from courts throughout the U.
John's Newfoundland began to routinely distribute the weekly Youth Court docket to local school boards.
There is also a $1,000 fee "for each named class representative," he said, which is likely to stir up a list of those who feel they are entitled to take part almost as long as the city's yearly Housing Court docket of about 280,000 non-payment cases.
In some cases, negotiations with IRS Appeals only begin under pressure of a Tax Court docket.
Using Incode, the Dallas Courts & Detention Services, Office of the City Attorney, and police department will be able to share information on one system, including data on jury subpoenas, Web-enabled citation inquiries, and court docket schedules.
According to the graft information filed to the court docket on Thursday, the Office of the Special Prosecution charged Reyes with one count of graft for giving undue benefit to the bogus nongovernment organization Masaganang Ani Para sa Magsasaka Foundation (Mamfi) for the procurement of 3,240 bottles of liquid fertilizers without public bidding in 2004.
1, the state of New Hampshire set up its first business court docket.
It is hoped the program will reduce scheduling conflicts between the court docket and officers' availabilities, and reduce the need and costs for rescheduling hearings.
Kobe Bryant's personal court docket continues to follow an unpredictable and evolving course, from the preliminary hearing that consumed two days in October to the 12-minute appearance that forced him to miss a practice this week to the pretrial hearings that probably will pull Bryant away from his team twice more in the next two months.