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a huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey

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formerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle


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a dog trained for coursing

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Institutions Join Coursera to Explore MOOC-Based Learning and
There are no dollars in the agreement" between the university and Coursera, Williams said.
As Daphne Koller (2013, [paragraph] 1), co-founder of Coursera, recently stated in a New York Times article, "we must leverage, not fight against, the changing tide of the preferences of a new generation--the digital natives.
Then it said the State Department does not agree with what OFAC has done and is trying to get the ruling changed: "The Department of State and Coursera are aligned in our goals and we are working tirelessly to ensure that blockage is not permanent.
Johns Hopkins was one of the earliest university partners of Coursera, which offers more than 450 MOOCs taught by instructors representing more than 90 colleges and universities.
Using three Coursera offerings--"Aboriginal Worldviews and Education," "Introduction to Engineering Mechanics," and "Internet History, Technology, and Security"--as occasional case studies, I will suggest that by appropriating a networked learning model and the core principles of connectivism, allowing for the concurrent deconstruction and (re)establishment of user identities, and providing a space for the diffusion of triggers of difference, such online courses can implement and bolster multicultural civic education.
Fortunately, some universities are trying to offer alternatives, by making some online courses available for free, namely MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and including such websites as coursera.
Some see the online courses, which are offered mainly by edX and two for-profit entities, Coursera and Udacity, as an encroachment on regional academic autonomy.
Top colleges and universities are working with MOOC providers like Coursera, edX, and Udacity, which offer free lecture series (made by those institutions' professors) to anyone with a computer and a will to learn.
Moocs are already popular in the United States where there are a number of established hubs, including Coursera, which carries classes from top Ivy League universities such as Yale, Princeton, Columbia and Brown, as well institutions in other countries, like the University of Amsterdam and Peking University.
The best thing that companies like Coursera and Udacity are doing is starting the dialogue around how we create a more efficient and effective learning environment for anyone with an interest in learning.
Summary: Online education service Coursera on Wednesday announced a fresh round of funding from the investment arm of the World Bank and other backers.
I enrolled in a Health Policy course last summer through Coursera (https://www.
Recently Taghreedat announced its partnership with Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider Coursera, alongside a user-base of 1,000 UAE volunteers, to help translate and make available many university-level courses into Arabic.
Higher Education in the Digital Age, a slim and highly readable volume, is built around Bowen's Tanner Lectures at Stanford University and includes reactions from four astute observers, Stanford President John Hennessy, Harvard education professor Howard Gardner, Columbia humanities scholar Andrew Delbanco, and Daphne Koller, president of the for-profit online education company Coursera.